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Friday, March 7, 2008


Health is wealth.We need to take care of our health that's why we should be very careful what food to eat and what to drink and which kind will gives us benefit of good health and one that makes us strong.There are many food supplements that can be found in the market,one of those is Monavie,it is said to be delicious and energizing blend of the Brazilian acai berry(commonly pronounced as a-sigh-ee),it is a rather small round,and black looking purple,it resembles a grape or a blueberry.Monavie make use of this berry to provide each drinker the disease-fighting benefits no doctors want you to know.It gives out antioxidant that leads you to wellness and a good life.You cant lose anything by trying it for a couple of weeks and you'll feel a lot of difference in your way of life.

Monavie Active Juice has esterified fatty acids that help maintain a healthy joint function.It provides better life for a lot of many that makes it the most significant wellness product available in the market today.

These are the 3 kids of products that they offer:

1. MonaVie (Burgundy Label)
2. MonaVie Active: (Forest Green Label) A supernatural healthy blend of 19 fruits with the added support of Celadrin and Glucosamine.
3. MonaVie Gel is for really active way of life... It is MonaVie Active in small one dose packets to take on the run with you.

Men and women,especially athletes who's always on the go can enjoy the benefit of leading a great way of life by drinking Monavie.Drink it,feel it,share it and have a healthy and goo life!