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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rubik's Cube

A few days back,there was a contest that was held in one of the top universities here in Manila,Rubik's cube puzzle contest.Many people joined including kids as young as 6 yrs old who solved the puzzle in less than 2 minutes...Great huh!

I remember it became a hit also when i was in high school a few years ago,now it's here again.originally,it was called "magic cube" , invented by a Hungarian Professor and an Architect Erno Rubik.It is said to be the world's selling toy.

My son's into it too,in fact,he already bought 3 cubes,unfortunately for him,he brought it in school and was unlucky enough to have it confiscated by his adviser.... but it didnt stop him from trying to "decipher" the mystery out of this cube,and this time,i always make sure he'll not bring it in school :P

Well,i guess i've to stop from here since im going to try my luck with

Enjoy and have a good evening!