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Monday, September 17, 2007

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The Philippine Island is surrounded by bodies of water and is rich in natural resources.That’s why many are asking especially the youth of today why there are countries like Japan that has been destroyed and devastated during the World War II and yet they easily recovered and is now considered the richest in the East.And why is it our country’s being left behind?But then we know that the progress of one’s country differs from the source of their livelihood,another one is their people.Although it’s a common knowledge that the Philippines is rich in natural resources,from deep down the ocean to the forest.While Japan are not lucky enough to be given by this kind of resources,they were given a community of people that are rich in talent,like us Filipinos they’re also hardworker,honest but well-disciplined.A small country like Taiwan who’s well known before as Formosa was able to upgrade their living status and is now being look upon by other neighboring countries.While the over-populated country of China,are doing very well too.But no matter how rich a country is ,if the people will not take care of it properly,it will just only be put into a waste.Great example is our country,The Philippines.We all knew that we have waters that are rich in sea foods,we used to have a lot of trees and animals in the forest.We were the number one importer of rice but now,little by little,animals become extinct because of hunting,illegal logging,dynamite fishing and the continuing illegal activities that destroys our nature.Come to think of it,isnt nature getting back at us?Yes! and it’s really scary!And the price of it? Flood,soil erosion,the outbreak of different kinds of disease which resulted from death of our countrymen.That’s why we need to act,we need to unite and do something about it.let’s not destroy our forests,let’s not destroy the future of our kids.let’s learn how to be disciplined so we will be able to leave a nice dwelling to our kids,the future generation.The world is such a nice place to live in,let’s take care of it.after all,God created it for the human beings to live here.Let’s all be human and give back something good from what has been given to us.

Filipino Tradition

The Philippines has been ruled by Spain for a long period of time. The Spanish colonization lasted for more than three centuries or 377 years to be exact,thus explain why majority of our cultures and traditions were contributed by the Spanish-Mexican descent.Folk music,folk dance,art,food,literature,religion and language are the most visible influence by the Hispanics on us.Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia.Philippines are known for holding annual festivities in different parts of the county.It is to honor the patron saints of different towns,villages or regional districts.The festivities are celebrated with church ceremony, street parade accompanied by bands and fireworks( in honor of the patron saints).Houses are full of visitors and foods are overflowing.Each town or villages or barangays hold game like palosebo, agawang buko, paluan ng palayok,dance,singing and beauty contest with lots of prizes to be won.Dinagyang, Sinulog, Ati-Atihan, Panagbenga or Flower Festival , Pahiyas- these and other festivities in the country are just among that attract many tourists and tradition that has been passed from generation to generation.Next time you visit the Philippines,think of visiting those places and you'll have a real good time of your life.