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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bb Pilipinas 2008

Bb. Pilipinas beauty contest has been around for quite some time now and have already produced international beauty queens,ramp models and celebrities. It's being held every year to look for a beauty and brain Filipinas to compete in an international beauty competitions like Ms.International,Ms. World and the famous Ms. Universe.With months of preparation and pre-screening,we can say that during the contest proper,they already have selected those who are qualified to vie for the said title.

Most of the contestants were pretty,but the one who caught viewers' attention was the 17 years old and the youngest of them all,Janina San Miguel who looked very confident at first but when she answered the question(watch here),it was a turn off.And the irony of it all,she won the Bb.Pilipinas-World!I hope the judges didnt make any mistake when they voted for her.

According to many,she's another Melanie Marquez when it comes to her "english" not here to mock her but it was just disappointing knowing that she'll compete abroad and with her english,i dont think we should expect to win.I dont think too that being young and first timer will be an excuse for not good in speaking english(it was her excuse).

But honestly speaking,the organizers should be more aware that those winners will soon be in an international beauty competition and will give credit to our country.From what i have seen when she replied to the question,she just got beauty and no brain.

Well,it was just my opinion and maybe the teacher in me makes me want to get a "red ballpen" so i can "correct" her,this is just my opinion and we are all entitled to one.I know i'm not perfect and i also made mistakes in the past but then,im in no competition and am no way competing locally nor internationally...(wink)

Anyway,they still have time to prepare,specially Janina, to study and polish her grammar :p.Congratulations and Good luck to all of them!