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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week

For many people especially here in the Philippines,holy week is the time to be with our family,a time to have a vacation with friends and relatives.I remember when I was still working in PLDT Ayala,I was so eager to have a holiday off during this time of year,for us pldt traffic operator(109&108),a holiday off was priceless,not only we will be having a 4 days off from work(2regular days off + the 2 holidays off)but because we will be having a chance to spend it with our family.Most of the time,i was always on duty,from 1pm-10pm,although i liked it since the pay was always double plus the night differential hmmm,i hate when we were about to go home,it was one of those days that you'll see the used to be busy street of Ayala like a "ghost",there are really very very few people in the street,very few vehicles were passing by,even taxis are hard to find,you can even dance and play in the street,there are no LRT operations wither.Funny but i missed it.I missed the people that i worked with for 12yrs of my stay there,most of them have gone immigrating to different countries,some of them i still see,and there are others that i dont know where are they now.There are only few operators that are left in the traffic department now,when i started there in 1990,there were more than 500 lady operators in MGO bldg alone,now it was down to 200 Nationwide,that's sad :-(

Anyways,so much for the nostalgia,i hope you all will have a blessed holy week.

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