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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ghost fair share :p

It's halloween and this is the time when we reminisce our "encounter with the ghosts".Actually,for me ghost is just a result of our wild imaginations.we were just influenced by the Chinese people who believe in lots of superstitions and that include ghosts.our ancestors believed and acquired it until now.Do you still remember when our parents and other relatives used to scare us with ghosts?I remember my older sisters,when we didnt want to sleep at night yet,they will scare us and we will end up covering our face with a blanket so we could not see the "ghosts".

When my father died when i was just 9yrs old,i didnt scare a bit,i remember waking up at 4am to get ready for school.i can be alone in the middle of the night for as long as nobody will scare me,im ok.i get scared too but only because sometimes i scared myself by imagining

I didnt really believe in ghost,until when i was hired as a high school teacher after i graduated in was a Catholic School,the school conducted an overnight camp fire with the girl scouts from first year to fourth advisory class was second year so I was assigned to be there and assisted them.As soon as I arrived in the school at 6pm,me and my co teacher monette went to the faculty room to put our things there,but nobody was there and it was closed,so we just went to see the students,while i was with them at the covered court,i glanced at the window and noticed that there was a woman standing near the comfort room inside the faculty room,i was just a few steps away from her although i was outside,i called out monette and told her that one of our co teacher were already inside,I told her that it was Mrs.David,coz she looked like her,although i didnt really see her face, I called "Mrs.David" but she didnt even look nor we went inside only to our surprise that nobody was there,goosebumps enveloped me,i didnt notice that i was already crying and monette already left me,i wasnt able to move a muscle.there were people who came there to checked on me,I told them to check the comfort room because maybe she was just inside but there was none,by the way,there was only one exit to that room and if she already left,we will get a chance to bumped with her but we didnt.they escorted me outside and pacified me.after that incident,it was followed by another one but i was already with my co teachers so they also witnessed it,that made me think that maybe they just wanted their presence to be felt and they needed somebody to pray for their souls.and we did.That was my first and last real encounter with a ghost.

It's not only during all saints or all souls day that we have to remember our departed ones,everyday,let's offer a prayer to them,also to the souls of those who left unexpectedly.

I still get scared to ghosts sometimes,but i'm more scared to those who are still living because they're capable of harming and hurting us. Especially to those who are in power hehehe...SO BEWARE!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a penny for my thoughts???

Well,lately i've been upset about the things that i didnt have any control nor i have any thought of encountering with,not ever!

"Many are called but few are chosen".it always entered my mind especially nowadays,it always apply in our daily living.and it fits well in a long distance takes a lot of effort,understanding,patience and most especially,trust.if u dont possess these traits,ur one of those that were called but werent lucky enough to be chosen.

But as for my case,no matter how many trials i've encountered and will be encountering,i'm willing to go with it not because i need to but because i want to.i want to make it happen coz i dont see myself living without the man of my life and that's Joe.for as long as he wants me to be with him,i'm all for it.

Life's so sweet only u have to taste its bitterness first.u wont know how strong u are unless u've been through a lot,u wont recognize victory unless u've encountered defeat.and u wont be successful unless u've strive hard.

I've waited 2 yrs for my annulment until i got it done just recently,it took a lot of patience,and now it paid off.another waiting won't hurt me for my change of name under RA9048 . i know everything will be ok.and in every problem,there's always a solution,and problems were given to us coz God knew we can solve it and that's where we will get our strength in order to be a better person in the future.

I'm aware that after one test,another one will arise but i know im ready to face it,and i will conquer all of it coz God will give me strength and i know He will make a way when there seems to be no way.there's always sunshine after the rain.

I'm so grateful that with all that we're experiencing right now,i have Joe on my side,who keeps on assuring me that he will not leave me and will always be there waiting for me even if it takes forever,which i hope i will have it all done as soon as possible coz it's me who can't wait to be with him and forever!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Good to be back :p

Well,as i've checked my last post,it's been more than a month,hmmm,been a long time huh?well,aside from gaining weight(that's what my friends told me huhuhu :p),been busy with some important my annulment,well,after more than 2yrs of waiting,it's finally almost over,it's not 100% over yet but at least i didnt have to wait for another hearing nor would get nervous that the judge might re set it to another 6mos or more,yes,that's how lazy she of now,im just waiting for the decision to be signed by her which i hope she'll grab the pen and just signed it without letting me wait again for months whew!!! after that,i still have to wait for the finality,then file it in Manila Local Registry Office and finally,National Statistics Office(NSO).im hoping and praying i'll get it done before the year ends.and of course,if one problem has been solved,another problem will arise i will have to file a name changed,the name that i got used of using is a little different from the name written on my Birth Certificate,im gathering now all the necessary documents so i can have it filed on Manila Local registry under RA9048,hope to get this done right in time for the release of my annotated Marriage Certificate from NSO.oh well,i guess luck's on my side then,im taking it as a challenge,before i was laxed with my annulment,i filed it 2yrs ago,before i even met my Joseph,he's the who gave me inspiration to get it all done so we can be together forever.but sometimes i wish,Philippines is not like Philippines now,it's hard to live in a country like this,it's hard to leave and go to another country whenever u wish to,if you need some documents,you have to go to the place,wait in a long line,and wait for sometime before it will be released,wow!but then,im living here so what can i do,i love my country of course but i wish it will improve for the better in the near future.

Right now,all im wishing is to finish all these and do as we matter how stressful it is,im all for it coz aside from i know that Joe's always on my side,i know God will make a way when there seems to be no way! and i know i will make it!!!